Top 5 Reasons to Attend CTIA Super Mobility

Aug 30, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Burke Gibney

Mobile technology is continuing to dominate in the tech space and it just keeps growing. There is so much to see and learn at CTIA Super Mobility in Las Vegas regarding mobile technology that your days are sure to be packed.

If you’re planning on attending CTIA Super Mobility, here’s what you don’t want to miss:


1.  John Legend is a Keynote Speaker at CTIA Super Mobility:

John Legend will be giving the Day Three keynote speech and we are sure you won’t want to miss this! Mobile technology and entertainment go hand in hand, making this pairing a prominent theme throughout the conference in Las Vegas.

This Academy Award® winner and 10-time Grammy®-winning singer-songwriter will discuss the impact of mobile technology on the entertainment industry. Legend will also talk more specifically about how mobile technology such as streaming, social media, and content marketing has changed his approach to entertainment and how he interacts with fans.

"Entertainment and mobile go hand in hand! John Legend tells us how at CTIA SuperMobility!"



2.  The Status of 5G Mobile Networks:

The international race to 5G is on. U.S. wireless carriers believe it is critical that the U.S. lead this race. Their recent release of airwaves located above 24 GHz by the FCC is a major step forward in this mission.

5G wireless networks will provide the bandwidth to connect with networks 10 times faster and support 100 times the number of devices than they do today. 5G will be a hot topic of discussion as global mobile leaders come together at CTIA Super Mobility.

“America is the world’s 4G LTE leader and, in the race to 5G, we are positioned well with this spectrum to fuel the next generation of networks, devices and apps.” — MEREDITH ATTWELL BAKER



3.  HARMAN’s Pupil-Based Driver Monitoring System:

HARMAN’s award winning technology was released at CES earlier this year in Las Vegas. It will be spotlighted at CTIA Super Mobility as a finalist in CTIA’s Emerging Technology Awards. The Pupil-Based Driver Monitoring System tracks increases in pupil dilation as an indication of a driver’s cognitive load. It will adjust the car’s safety systems to the driver’s state.

This technology will help protect a driver who is multitasking, under stress, or falling asleep from making dangerous errors. This is just one of many innovative mobile technologies you will see showcased at CTIA Super Mobility.


4. Mobile Banking for Developing Countries:

Mobile banking will be a topic at the forefront of discussion at CTIA Super Mobility. Consumers are increasing their mobile use at warp speed, and mobile banking is no exception to this trend. One of the biggest areas of growth is mobile banking in the developing world.

Thanks to microfinance, which helped introduce the idea of banking in developing countries, and to the growing reach of mobility, audiences which previously did not have access to banking resources are using them more than ever before. Discussion surrounding how to continue growth and identify new opportunities in mobile banking will be in full swing at CTIA Super Mobility 2016.


5. Smartphones as a Top e-Commerce Traffic Source:

Smartphones edged out computers as the top source of e-Commerce in the first quarter of 2016 and projections say this trend will continue to rise. Retailers are shifting their focus to smartphone consumers by releasing custom shopping apps and maximizing purchase conversions on mobile platforms, which have historically been more difficult to use for purchases compared to computers.

Larger phone screens and better web browsing capabilities are key to improving online shopping ease of use. We expect that mobile e-Commerce will be a top priority for many attending CTIA Super Mobility.

Even if you can’t see everything at CTIA Super Mobility in Las Vegas, if you at least hit these top 5, you will have some important bases covered! Come back to ConventionNation after the event and tell others about your experience by writing a review!

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