Tips on How to Become a Speaker at Events

Jul 14, 2017 12:38:23 PM

Kim Estep

Use your voice to spread worthy messages with the following tips on how to become a coveted event speaker.

Create a Website

You must give your marketing efforts a focal point. Before starting your outreach, make sure that you have a website with an engaging sales funnel that converts. Getting people's attention is no good if you cannot keep it, and the easiest way to keep it is through a professional looking site that advertises your value!

Target Your Area of Expertise

No one believes the speaker who says that she can speak about everything. Think about this from your perspective: Would you buy food from a company that says it makes clothes, cars and hamburgers? Target your strengths precisely. List your credentials prominently on your website, and make sure that you have a true expertise and something new to say on the subject.

Use is a simple way to target conferences that are in need of speakers with your expertise. Believe it or not, event organizers often have quite a difficult time finding an engaging, reputable speaker on a schedule. Make it easy for them, and they will reward you with more work, referrals and plenty of other perks.

Make Your Application Stand Out

You have access to all kinds of multimedia and tools of engagement to create a great first impression. Find the tools that showcase your talents best and use them. If you are visually appealing and exciting to watch, why not include clips of your speeches on your website? If you are known for your thorough research, why not include testimonials from audience members in an app? It is always great to include at least one piece of Web 2.0 tech with your traditional resume.


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