Tips on Best Practices for Business Cards

Jun 8, 2017 4:54:48 PM

Kim Estep

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Are you looking to up your networking game at the next big industry event? Maybe you just want to make a splash with a big prospective client that is still in the vetting stage. Here are some great tips on how your business card can set you apart from your competition.

Making Your Info Pop

You do not need overly ornate designs to make a business card stand out. Some of the best examples of cards simply use imaginative ways to showcase name, address, phone number and email. Choose wisely when placing contact info on your card - you likely don't need it all. The physical address is usually the first thing to go.

Making it Readable

In general, you do not want to go under 8 pt font for a business card. The text may look great on screen, but it will turn into a pixilated mess when it is printed. Keep the font simple so that the text is not misinterpreted. As a rule: Never use Comic Sans.

QR Codes

QR codes are still a great way to combine your online and off line audiences. If you have more information to present, you can use the QR code to get that information to your prospect without cluttering the face of your card. You can use a free QR code generator from the Internet to get started here.

Judicious Use of Color

Simple is best. If you are going to use color, have a purpose for everything that you do. If you are having trouble deciding, leave it out.


In general, do not use any borders on a business card design. These are impossible to print correctly and will never look professional in the real world. Leave a 3 mm bleed around your edges to ensure the best print as well.


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