Speakers to Watch at the Watermark Conference for Women

Nov 22, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Shari Melillo


The Watermark Conference for Women is coming to Silicon Valley at the San Jose Convention Center in February. Established by a community of executive women in the San Francisco Bay Area, Watermark’s mission is to “increase the representation of women at executive levels to drive innovation, human development, and economic growth.”

" Given the current political climate, the timing of this event positions itself to make an impactful and powerful statement about the future of gender equality and impact of women in the workforce. "

The Watermark organization held its inaugural conference in the Spring of 2015 and has since gained momentum as one of the stand-out conferences for professional women during the year. This event is all about empowering women with the information, connections, and inspiration they need to excel in professional spaces. The speaker list is lining up to support this goal on all fronts. It is a powerful mix of motivational experts, business professionals, philanthropists and entrepreneurs—all ready to share their knowledge and support women in their endeavors. Here are four women making waves that we have our eye on.

Four Impressive Women You Won't Want to Miss Speak at the 2017 Watermark Conference for Women:


1. Shivani Siroya (@shivsiroya)


Shivani Siroya is the founder and CEO of Tala Mobile, which works in emerging markets to help anyone with a cell phone build a financial identity. Tala was the first company to develop a microlending app that services the financial lending needs of people in  Third World countries. They have had huge success in building credit profiles and making loans available to people who previously did not have this as an option.

Siroya started the company because she saw a desperate need for microlending in the world economy. She worked tirelessly on a solution to this problem until she achieved success, and has continued to grow this effort and impact more people each year.

The way Siroya has blended capitalism with social conscience in her continued efforts is truly admirable and we look forward to hearing her speak. She has not only applied this to her solution for microlending, but also in her own company, which is 48% women.

" The way Siroya has blended capitalism with social conscience in her continued efforts is truly admirable. "


2. Tiffany Dufu (@tdufu)


Tifany Dufu currently serves as Chief leadership officer of Levo and launch team member to Lean In. She is a philanthropist who has worked endlessly to create change for women and girls through her fundraising and leadership efforts.

Dufu actively works to empower women to make change, and does so through her work at Levo, which helps women find a career path they are passionate about, speaking engagements such as TEDxWomen, Girl Scouts U.S.A. and Harlem 4 Kids, where she serves on the board in order to encourage and mentor youth. Seriously, does she ever sleep?

Dufu was named by the National Council for Research on Women as one of 30 women making change in the world and has a new book out called Drop the Ball, which speaks to women about letting go of perfectionism and expecting more from others. Dufu says this is the key to freeing up time and energy to focus on your true passions and goals. Her speaker presentation at the Watermark Conference for Women is certain to leave you energized and ready to make your dreams a reality.


3. AMA MARSTON (@AmaMarston)


Ama Marston is the founder and CEO of Marston Consulting, which has worked with such clients as the United Nations, Oxford University, and the foundation of British former first lady Cherie Blair. She has worked as a top advisor to international NGOs and was nominated as a WEF Young Global Leader.

Ama is working on a book called Transformative Resilience, in which she postulates, “we must use today’s unprecedented levels of disruption as a catalyst for growth and also identify the characteristics required to spring forward rather than simply bounce back in times of upheaval and change in our personal lives, businesses, and communities.”

This message is consistent with the work Ama has done to date with NGOs and women’s leadership and advancement, and her message is one of gender gap resilience. Ama’s talk at the Watermark Conference for Women is one to watch as she presents a methodical, cerebral approach to professional development and advancement for women.


4. MAYA PENN (@MayasIdeasShop)


Maya Penn is a 16 year old award-winning eco-designer, artist, philanthropist, activist, entrepreneur, animated filmmaker, coder, illustrator, writer, and author of You Got This! At 16, she has already accomplished more than what many will do in a lifetime.

Maya's business, Maya’s Ideas, sells eco-friendly clothing AND puts a variety of different ideas into action that will have a positive impact on the world. She donates 10-20% of the profits to charity. In addition to her business, Maya has a non-profit organization called Maya’s Ideas 4 The Planet where she partners with other organizations to bring her philanthropic ideas to life.

Maya is basically a self-sustainable incubator where she generates new ideas to make the world a better place, and then puts them into action (it sounds so simple when we say it that way...hmmm). Her talk is sure to be as imaginative, idealistic, and inspiring as she is. Although she is mature beyond her years, the matter-of-fact and uninhibited way that her youth brings creativity to life is sure to be refreshing!

" Maya's talk is sure to be as imaginitive, idealistic, and inspiring as she is! "


The Watermark Conference for Women is certain to inspire, empower and encourage women from all professions. The message is a strong one with useful information and endless motivation for women to reach their maximum potential in work and life. It will provide women with a sense of community to support and foster their growth along with an opportunity to make strategic connections with other women who support their goals. This event will be an important one for women to attend in 2017!


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