SMX West 2016 Speakers, Part 2: More of Our Top Picks!

Feb 16, 2016 2:00:00 PM

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If you missed it last week, this is the 2nd post in our series covering who is speaking at SMX West 2016. We've picked our favorite speakers to watch, and provided some insights below on what they are speaking on and what to expect at SMX West this year! The SMX West 2016 speakers are entertaining, informative, and cutting edge in the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing industries - don't miss ConventionNation's top picks!

There is a lot of content being covered in the speaker sessions each day, so we've pulled out some highlights for you to plan for. The speaker sessions are broken down into Tracks for SEO and SEM with a moderator and 1-3 speakers per session. Take a look at three of our favorites and let us know what you think in your comments on Twitter @ConventioNation!


Annie Cushing:


Our Favorite Tweets From @AnnieCushing:

@AnnieCushingGuess who turned in her #SMX presentation three days early! Chucking this up to the power of having someone hold you accountable to goals.

@AnnieCushingAd viewability “should not be a KPI”, according to study | Search Engine Watch  <-- I'm skeptical

@AnnieCushingGender Diverse Sales Teams Close More Deals & Bring in More Revenue [infographic]

Annie Cushing is on our list of favorite speakers at SMX for two reasons: 1-She is incredibly energetic and uplifting to listen to. 2-Annie does does this while having an extremely knowledgeable, detailed conversation about data-driven marketing and conversion.

@AnnieCushing is one of our fav speakers at #SMX for two reasons: 1-Energy 2-Love of data: @ConventioNation


 Annie knows the ins, outs, and in-betweens of data collection, consumption, and application, and has a very clear process for collecting and using this data to get results for your clients.

Her uplifting personality and positive attitude toward analytics data is almost infectious enough to make you love data as much as she does (actually, I don't think anyone can love data as much as she does...).

Annie writes a blog called Annielytics where she discusses Google Analytics, data-driven marketing, and information from her DIY SEO AUdit Template. If you like what you hear from her at SMX West, you can follow it up with the information she has available about her practices online.

Annie Cushing will be speaking on a few panels at SMX West this year. The first two are her bread and butter topics, and are sure to provide extremely useful information.

In "Essential Steps For Performing An Effective SEO Audit,"  she will be speaking about the most important audit tactics and best practices for making sure your SEO efforts have optimal impact on performance.

In "Extreme Excel Excellence: Microsoft Excel is an invaluable Swiss army knife for marketers," Annie will be speaking about how to import data from many sources and analyze that data. You’ll leave this session knowing power-user tactics and tips to get the most from Excel.

The third is a roundtable discussion that Annie will be participating in about the changes and interconnections that are happening with Yahoo, Google & Bing. While we’re sure this will be a great conversation, if you are unable to see Annie at all three of these, we suggest catching her on the first two above, as these are the topics she has built her brand around and will have information that’s hard to come by anywhere else.


Cindy Krum:


Our Favorite Tweets from @Suzzicks:

‏@Suzzicks: YouTube Beware: Video is Coming to Spotify for Android and iOS  via nbcnews

‏@Suzzicks: Woohoo - Just noticed that my Android M article was a Top 5 for @sengineland in Nov. If you missed it: …

@salfordbizsch: @Suzzicks shares a few tips on the Digital Marketing panel at #CreativeEnt. Tip 1: Don't ignore Apps

Cindy Krum and her agency, MobileMoxie are trailblazers in app indexing & mobile SEO. She is considered one of the top in the field on mobile strategies, apps, and mobile websites. Google has consistently been moving toward increased visibility for mobile apps and mobile friendly websites, and Cindy is paving the way for marketing through these mediums.

@Suzzicks and her agency, MobileMoxie are trailblazers in #app indexing & mobile #SEO: @ConventioNation


Cindy is informative, detailed, and fun in her approach. This session is certain to be invaluable to your SEO for mobile apps.

Cindy gets a lot of practice teaching and presenting this information, as she speaks and does in-house trainings throughout the US and around the world. She also teaches mobile marketing in a Digital Mini-MBA program at Rutgers University, and has published a top-rated mobile marketing book, "Mobile marketing: Finding your customers no matter where they are," by Que Publishing.

Needless to say, she's got this topic dialed in and knows how to share the info in a way that's easy for people to learn.

Cindy will be speaking about What You Need To Know About Google App Indexing at SMX West. This session will go into detail on the technical implementation of App Indexing and the Google App Indexing API, with case studies that reveal results you can achieve by implementing these techniques. With Cindy on the panel for this, you are sure to learn implementation details that you can take away and immediately up your mobile marketing "moxie."


Ayat Shukairy:


 Our Favorite Tweets From @ayat:

@ayat: Three Ways That Personas Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

@ayat: Some of the basics in marketing are too often forgotten or haphazardly addressed. A strong VP defines success.

@ayat: What's in a call to action button? A lot more than meets the eye!!!

Ayat Shukairy is co-founder of Invesp Consulting, which specializes in conversion optimization software and services. She is seen by her colleagues as extremely effective in the conversion optimization field, and has worked with brands such as 3M, Discovery, ReMax to name a few. Her focus is on improving conversion rates and increasing sales for clients.

ConventionNation picked Ayat as an SMX favorite speaker not necessarily because she is going to be as feel-good inspirational as Wil Reynolds, or as high-energy as Annie Cushings, but because she gives you quality conversion optimization methods that matter for your customers.

@ConventioNation: @ayat knows quality conversion optimization methods that matter for ROI. See her speak at #SMX West!


If Ayat's presentation anything like the reviews of the best-selling book she co-authored, “Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Prospects to Customers,” the content can get dense, and floats back and forth between high-level and specific tactics. It stretches your brain with a lot of detail and implementation, and then ties it into a high-level concept you are familiar with.

This content is as close to bottom line ROI as you can get for your customers because of the direct relationship between conversion and sales. It is measurable and impactful.

Ayat will be speaking at SMX West about, "Optimizing The Paid Search Conversion Funnel." This session focuses on all of the necessary moving parts to ensure your ad campaigns are peak performers. Ayat’s presentation is sure to be packed full of applicable conversion optimization tactics that you can use to increase ROI for your customers.


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