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Feb 9, 2016 2:29:23 PM

Burke Gibney


ConventionNation has analyzed who is speaking at SMX West 2016 and picked out our favorite speakers to watch! The SMX West 2016 speakers are entertaining, informative, and cutting edge in the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing industries!

There is a lot of content being covered in the speaker sessions each day, so we've pulled out some highlights for you to plan for. The speaker sessions are broken down into Tracks for SEO and SEM with a moderator and 1-3 speakers per session. Take a look at three of our favorites and let us know what you think in your reviews on ConventionNation!


Wil Reynolds:


Our Favorite Tweets From @wilreynolds:

@wilreynolds "Quick Wins" is too often codeword for, don't spend time getting to understand my customer & try to solve their problems.

@wilreynolds Marketing amplifies, if your brand is amazing or crap, marketing will amplify that, think about that before you "drive traffic"

@wilreynoldsWhat is a "leading indicator" that you might lose a client?  My 3: #1 Rushed/Not on calls #2 Consecutive missed goals #3 Change in POC

Wil Reynolds will motivate and excite you. He is always a dynamic, high-energy speaker full of not only useful SEO insights, but a genuine passion for the SEO/SEM industry and the people that he works with. Hearing Wil Reynolds speak will inspire you to love your SEO and SEM job, want to be a better professional, and a better person while doing it.

@ConventioNation: Hearing @wilreynolds speak will inspire you to love your #SEO #SEM job. #smx


Wil was named one of the 50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2016 by Entrepreneur, and speaks at several SEO and SEM conferences throughout the year. He is always a crowd favorite, and speaks with a client satisfaction-first mantra. He frequently reflects on running a successful business and how to keep employees engaged and striving for success, which carries over into successes for their clients.

The topic Wil is speaking about at SMX is “Content, Your Brand, and the Battle for Customers.” This is part of the Analytics & Conversion Track. The general message in this SMX session is how to use SEO to first win the "click" and then how to leverage these customers to build a branded following from there. Wil is certain to provide engaging and useful insights on how to apply SEO thinking to build brands and loyal customers to ensure your company stands out on the web.


Marty Weintraub:


Our Favorite Tweets From @martyweintraub:

@martyweintraub  Via @kwatt: Audience Segmentation For The Last Mile: Psychographic Targeting Hot House

@martyweintraub  How Marketing WON’T Change This Year & Our 2016 Futurist Round-up!

‏@martyweintraub  #SEO "Link Rot," LOL …

Marty Weintraub is an innovator in the SEM industry and openly shares his media discoveries via his two books and industry leading blog. He was named the 2013 Search Personality of the Year and has recently focused on psychographic targeting, for which he is internationally recognized.

Listening to Marty speak can be compared to doing mental gymnastics. He is extremely informative, speaks very technically, provides a lot of detail, and shoots out a lot of information very quickly. It can be hard to follow at times - he expects you to rise to his level, and doesn’t water down the information he’s presenting.

However, don't let this intimidate you. If you pay close attention, you’re definitely going to have several “lightbulb” moments from his presentation that will change the way you do business. Luckily, Marty is speaking in the morning on Day 1, so it’s early on enough that you should have the mental juice you need to keep up with him...although you may need to recover with a nap after.

@ConventioNation: @martyweintraub will cause several “lightbulb” moments that will change your #SEM plan. #smx


Marty will be speaking about, “Getting Creative With Ad Copy & Testing,” at SMX West. This is on the SEM Track and will cover how to develop ads that are both creative and use the best technical extensions and components to be effective. It will also cover how testing can improve their performance. You will learn ad creation and targeting from the thought-leader in this industry. Marty's innovation is certain to provide you with an edge on your competitors in this area.


Susan Wenograd:


Our Favorite Tweets From @SusanEDub:

@SusanEDub The "how much should we spend?" question from clients. I keep hoping one day they will stop asking and calculate what makes sense for them.

‏@SusanEDub AdWords is adding custom formulas. Yaaaaaas. … h/t @iPullRank #ppcchat

@SusanEDub A1: It's mega-helpful for long/complicated sales cycles that have a higher commitment level than a low-risk purchase.

Susan’s mantra is “OCD about PPC,” which carries over into her speaker appearances as well. She injects her sense of humor into an organized, informative, data-driven discussion about PPC. Susan was named one of’s 39 Experts You Must Follow on Twitter, and has worked with household brand names Circuit City, Hamilton Beach Appliances, Chevy, Cadillac, and Buick.

Susan leverages her vast experience and thirst for knowledge in the PPC industry to drive progress. Her desire to continually provide information that allows for her clients to make informed decisions is admirable, and is sure to motivate you to be better at this game.

Susan will be speaking about, "How To Care For Your Shopping Campaigns," at SMX. This is part of the SEM Track, and covers the lifecycle of a PPC Campaign. It’s not just a “set it and forget it” system, and this session will cover what you should be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly or on a seasonal basis to make the most of your Shopping Campaigns.

@ConventionNation: @SusanEDub knows what to do daily, weekly, and monthly to make the most of #PPC. Do you? #smx


Susan's session will also cover tips and strategies to systematically and creatively cultivate Bing and Google Shopping Campaigns into successful ROA campaigns. You are sure to walk away from this session with some great insights that you can apply right away for your customers.


More SMX Coverage:

ConventionNation will continue our coverage of SMX West 2016 leading up to the event. Next week our blog will highlight three more of our favorite speakers! Be sure to check back and read about them!

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