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Nov 15, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Burke Gibney


The New York Times Travel Show is coming to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY in January. It is the largest and longest running travel show in North America. As attendees of multiple conferences, conventions, and trade shows throughout the year, we travel frequently for both business and pleasure.

However, we don’t often find ourselves with the desire to travel to NYC in the end of January. The holiday lights have dimmed, it’s bitterly cold, and most of us are just waiting the winter out until spring. That said, we found ourselves wondering...What’s so special about the New York Times Travel Show that it draws close to 30,000 attendees out of the cold and into the exhibition hall each year? Here’s what we found:

5 Best Reasons to Attend the New York Times Travel Show:

The idea that you can move around the world and meet new people, see different places, soak in different ways of life, and create your own reality is powerful thing. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, stepping out of your box and trying something new can be life-changing.

"The Travel Show offers its attendees a chance to escape winter, dream big, and plan their next adventure."

1. Start Planning Your Travels:

If you find yourself stuck in the cold at the end of January in New York City, what better way to inspire yourself to pull out of the winter blues than by planning a trip away from it all. Once you weed through the typically large representation of Florida and cruise vacations, you will find new ideas for travel, exotic places to go, and unknown parts to explore at the New York Times Travel Show. Start dreaming about warmer weather and plan amazing adventures for the upcoming year.

2. Gather Intel From Fellow Travelers:

The Travel Show brings thousands of people walking the exhibition halls, eager to share their travel stories with you. Encounter industry experts, travel bloggers, travel foodies, wellness travelers, amateur travelers, and everything in between. Go to the show, talk to colleagues and exhibitors about their experiences, and gain first-hand information for your future travels.

3. Win a Trip:

On-site deals and offers are plentiful at the New York Times Travel Show. Win a trip, hotel stay and other travel resources just by attending the show.

4. It’s Live Google for Travel:

Travel show attendees will have the convenience of shopping travel packages and previewing locations all in one spot. Talk to experts, compare, and learn about your travel options in one day. Hear from the people who know everything about the locations, accomodations, and activities they represent at the show.

5. Dig In For Detailed Travel Information:

For serious travelers, the New York Times Travel Show holds several seminars where industry experts offer information and discuss trends in travel. Some of our favorites include the following:

  • Take Your Travel Photography to the Next Level—Go way beyond the selfie pole and Go-Pro with your travel photography. Travel photography instructor, author, and international guide Ralph Velasco (@RalphValesco) will lead a seminar with photography tips and techniques to help photographers level up their travel pics.
  • Global Travel Tips for Women—This panel discussion, moderated by April Merenda (@GutsyApril), co-founder and owner of Gutsy Women Travel, will talk about best practices and suggestions for women who travel.
  • 12 Easy Ways to Save Big Money When You Travel—Nomadic Matt, aka Matt Kepnes (@nomadicmatt), will teach you his secrets for traveling the world on a budget. His book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, covers saving on everything from flights to food while crossing the globe. He’s sure to have some creative tips everyone can use.
  • Ready to Explore Cuba? Um, yes. Travel to Cuba is a hot topic this year as it is a newly accessible playground for world travelers. Just a quick flight from Florida, Cuba is easy to get to, and relatively unsaturated with tourism from the West. A panel of experts will take this seminar through everything you need to know to make the most of a trip to Cuba.
  • Markets as a Window to the Soul of a Place—We’ve heard this saying about the eyes, but the idea of applying this to marketplaces around the world has us intrigued. This seminar will discuss how local markets are the best way to experience local culture, food, and daily life while abroad.


As the world becomes more connected by technology, many attendees of the travel show already have access to much of the information they need about new places and creative travel ideas.

"From the sharing economy to wellness travel, travel is changing."

Attendees of the show are going to demand more breadth of information to motivate them to attend in person. We’re optimistic that the show will meet this demand with the extensive vendors, demonstration pavilions, seminars, and experts they’ve gathered to share and collaborate at the New York Times Travel Show. Safe travels!


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