New York City: Off The Beaten Path

Aug 14, 2017 11:33:24 AM

Shari Melillo


Most conference attendees know of the “city that never sleeps”. They know the bright lights, hit shows, and fab restaurants that it's famous for. But hidden throughout the Big Apple are many lesser-known and far less frequented delights.

Rachel and I found many such destinations as we free-styled our way thru the heart of Greenwich Village and SoHo. These two areas of the city are teeming with an abundance of artistry, self expression, and vibrance. From mural paintings to handmade pastries, these are wonderful places to take time out to recharge your batteries - especially for any conference attendee who has sat for countless hours listening to varied guest speakers.

We found great freedom as we meandered our carefree way around. There are many guided tour services offered in the city, but we highly suggest that you steer your own course. Conferences themselves are highly regimented and structured. The couple of hours that you can afford yourselves of cutting the ties that bind will, in the end, benefit your conference attending spirit. So, in that spirit, instead of this being a typical blog with a list of must sees and must dos with names, addresses, and phone numbers ... we leave it to you to make your own experience!



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