Improvements for Inbound 2016

Sep 20, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Kim Estep


Has Inbound lost its magic?

That’s the question many digital marketers found themselves asking at the Inbound 2015 Sales & Marketing Conference. What was once a playground of ideas, inspiration, and the fabulous Hubspot platform was replaced with long lines, watered-down content, and disappointment in 2015.

Part of the problem was that Inbound set a high bar with the conferences it had produced in previous years. It was personal, in-depth, thought-provoking, and fun. Everyone attending felt like the experience was unique to their needs. However, as the word spread about how game-changing the Inbound conference was for digital marketers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, in 2015 it felt overcrowded and generic to many who had attended in years past.

In response to the negative feedback Inbound received after the 2015 conference, the organizers have made big changes for 2016, and promise attendees that they will not be disappointed. We’ve got our eyes set on Inbound 2016 (@INBOUND) and will be attending ourselves.


Inbound 2016 Has Got Its Mojo Back: 3 Ways Inbound 2016 Will Be Better Than Inbound 2015

Inbound 2015 fell flat in a few areas. Here’s how Inbound 2016 is looking to improve.




1.Many Inbound 2015 Keynote Speakers Weren’t Relevant.

You can’t blame the speakers for this, as they brought their A-game and told their story. However, you can blame the Inbound organizers for prioritizing high-profile names and celebrity buzz around the conference over keynote speakers who had relevant, inspiring content to share.

Inbound organizers have addressed this in 2016 with their keynote speaker lineup.

Yes, there are still celebrities on the list. However, their stories are relevant to marketing, sales, and business, and they don’t outnumber the professionals and entrepreneurs on the list.

One of the standouts sending a clear message that Inbound 2016 is focused on providing value to their audience is Reshma Saujani (@reshmasaujani). She is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in technology.

Per her bio, Reshma is “fearless in her efforts to disrupt both politics and technology to create positive change.” We couldn’t agree more, and are looking forward to her keynote address at Inbound 2016.

2. It Was Tough to Get Into the Sessions at Inbound 2015.

Oh, the crowds, lines, waiting, and more waiting... to say Inbound 2015 was overcrowded is an understatement. I don’t think this is anything we can expect to dissipate in 2016, as long lines and crowds come with the territory of an extremely popular event such as Inbound.

The problem with the crowds at Inbound 2015 was that many were shut out of sessions they wanted to see because they reached capacity. Then, in order to avoid getting shut out of sessions, people had to leave other sessions early to get a place in line, to sometimes still get shut out of sessions. This left Inbound 2015 attendees feeling like they didn’t get the full worth of the price of their ticket.

Inbound 2016 Has Addressed Overcrowding With Pre-Registration:

While Inbound 2016 may still leave you fighting long lines and waiting for sessions, at least you know it’s worth the wait if you pre-registered for a spot in that session. Many of the more popular sessions will fill up quickly, but everyone has a fair shot with the pre-registration.

Sessions will fill up quickly, but everyone has a fair shot with pre-registration.



This will save hours at the conference that you would have spent waiting in line only to get turned away. You will be able to fully engage in each session without having to worry about leaving early to secure a spot in the next, and plan a more predictable schedule in order to maximize your experience.

3. Inbound 2015 Content Was Too Basic.

A common thread expressed amongst Inbound 2015 attendees was that they didn’t learn as much at the sessions as they had in previous years. They felt like the content was too basic and they didn’t get as much value out of it. Again, part of the problem with Inbound 2015 was likely that they had set the bar so high in previous years and the expectation was tough to match.

Because organizers increased the size of the conference so dramatically and gave it mass appeal with the celebrity buzz, the content was watered down to accommodate a less specific crowd.

Inbound 2016 Content Will be More In-Depth.

If Inbound 2015 left you looking for that lightbulb moment, expect to have it at Inbound 2016. There is a breadth of knowledge to be shared in the breakout sessions at this year’s Inbound. The session topics are diverse and the speakers are experts.

One of our favorites is Dr. David Darmanin (@daviddarmanin) CEO and founder of Hotjar. He will be speaking about “9 Things You Can Do Tomorrow to Make your Website Start Converting.” Another speaker we don’t want to miss is Oli Gardner (@oligardner), Co-founder of Unbounce. He will be speaking about “The Conversion Equation.” The content these two will bring is sure to be anything BUT watered down.

We’re excited to see that Inbound 2016 is set to be better than ever. It’s not surprising there were some growing pains with an event that has become as popular as Inbound. However, it appears that the organizers took notes, and are looking to get it back on track in 2016. This event has grown and inspired so many, it definitely deserves another chance, because when this event is on, it is unforgettable.

Are you heading to Inbound 2016? Tell us what you thought about 2015 and be sure to come back to to review Inbound 2016!



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