HX Has The Hottest Hospitality Trends for Business Travelers

Sep 27, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Burke Gibney


HX: The Hotel Experience - Rooms to Restaurants is set to take place in NYC this November. This is one of the largest hospitality conventions of the year, and an extremely important one for the hospitality industry. It showcases new products, technology, and thought leadership that all combine to bring the hospitality industry to the next level.

The hospitality industry is consumer-focused and always striving to exceed continuously evolving consumer demands. Those attending HX are certain to come away inspired with new ideas, vendors, and technology for the hospitality industry. For those who are not attending, we will see what HX has to offer for traveling consumers on the receiving end of this hospitality extravaganza.

Here’s what’s new, what’s next and what’s trending as showcased at HX: The Hotel Experience 2016.

Many of the trends on the agenda for HX are focused on making your business travel better. As business travelers ourselves, here are the ones we're most excited for: 

The Best Hotel Experience: Hotel trends for business travelers.

Because business travelers stay in hotels more than most people, they have high standards for accommodations. Business execs need to be able to work comfortably and efficiently while on the road. The tops trends that are emerging for business travelers that you will see at HX are:

  • More Free Amenities: Free in-room Wi-Fi, newspapers, coffee and tea, and complimentary happy hours are just a few of the perks hotels are looking to increase in their offerings to business travelers.
  • Client Networking Facilities: The availability of executive lounges, full-service business centers, and ample meeting space are at the top of the list for business traveler trends you will see at HX.
  • Customizable Room Design: Smart hotel rooms that can be controlled at the touch of a button are hot on the list at many hotels for the near future.

The Best Food & Beverage Experience: The future of hotel dining.

Hotel dining is an important aspect of a business traveler’s stay. Whether the dining experience is in-room service, the breakfast buffet, or a client dinner, hotels are taking note on ways that consumers are changing the demand for dining.

  • Local and Healthy Ingredients Have Evolved From Trend to Necessity. This has also created a demand for quality ingredients and personalized menus from business travelers. You will see evidence of this trend with attendance from fine dining chefs such as Ben Rioux, Founder of From Chef to Table, at HX this year.
  • Quick and Diverse Dining Choices. With the increase in popularity of food courier services, business consumers have come to expect quality food to be available at the touch of an app. This expectation carries over into dining experiences while traveling as well.

CN Insider Tip: You will see the demand for quick and diverse dining firsthand with the winner of the Foodservice Pioneering Concept at HX.

“The winning concept, "ReFresh-Eatery and Market," provides a fresh, healthy, made-to-order alternative to fast food options typically found in a food court or public space, and uses the latest technology through cooking, iPad, and mobile-app ordering. The concept provides a retail component for take home, along with made-to-order quick-service for customers who want to dine at the location.”

  • Top Shelf Beverages Make a Comeback. The transformation of millennials and hipsters into business travelers has created an increase in demand for high-end liquor and wine. Clever mixology is on trend, and hotels are looking to keep their spirits up with it.

"Clever mixology is on trend,

and hotels are looking to

keep their spirits up with it."


The Best Tech Experience: Hotels Keep Business Travelers Connected

Technology is hot in the hospitality industry. Business travelers are using mobile devices more than ever, and are looking to use them seamlessly when on the go. This means:

  • Mobile-Friendly Apps: Business travelers will use these for booking, access to hotel reward programs, tracking travel preferences, and to order hotel services.
  • Excellent Wi-Fi Connectivity: Business travelers need to be able to work by the pool, in the lobby and around the entire property, in addition to their hotel room.
  • High-Tech Entertainment: Some hotels are stepping up their guest entertainment with technology such as virtual golf and bowling available right in the hotel. Hotel 1000 in Seattle, WA has a virtual golf room that lets you play a round of golf in 50 of the world's best courses without going anywhere.

Many forward-thinking hospitality brands are going out of their way to accommodate the changing needs of traveling professionals. We’re excited to see more of them at HX and to experience them in our travels in the year to come!

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