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Apr 25, 2018 1:17:45 PM

Kim Estep

Eventprofs: Why is Convention Nation answering questions about your event? The majority of our users enter our site from a web search for a specific conference or category of conference, and we then send that traffic to your event website via a link to your event page. But it’s very interesting that we often field questions from your customers because they can’t easily find the information on your event site, or they don’t find your event site in search. We decided to look deeper into why Convention Nation is outranking your site.


Alice Was Looking For The Conference Start Time


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We chat with many users every day. Last week, Alice (not her real name) used our chat box to ask a question about the start time for a conference we had listed on our site. Although happy to help, we wondered why Alice couldn’t find the information she was looking for on the event’s own website. So we clicked over to the site and--low and behold--we couldn’t find the answer either. The event had put the information behind the registration wall, meaning only paid customers could know the hours for the event.


We were fortunate that she accepted our invitation to talk on the phone. On that call we learned more information about her event attendance plans, and how she learned about the conference in the first place.


She Learned About The Conference Via Email




Alice told us she had received information about the event in her inbox and decided to get more information about the conference by doing research online. She visited the links in the email, saw highlights of a few speakers whose topics interested her, and she was pleased at the venue choice. It made business sense for her to attend. But what was also important to her was (not necessarily in this order): the event schedule, what days of the week it was to take place, how much the all-in cost would be, and what past attendees had said about the event.


We began by helping break down her needs. She couldn’t travel on a Sunday (since Sundays were the days she visited with her elderly mother in the nursing home), so the event needed to take place during the work week. She wanted an early morning flight without connections. She’d be happy to make it to the event 30 minutes before the first keynote began--enough time to grab a cup of coffee and get settled. And she wanted to make dinner plans with a customer after the evening reception had concluded. She was willing to stay for a second day as long as the afternoon sessions of the second day were engaging and not going to put her to sleep. She also had a tight budget for lodging costs, so she wanted to make the best use of her budget.


So why did she end up on the Convention Nation website? we asked. It was very simple, actually. First, she couldn’t find the event schedule on the event website; and second, she wanted to read reviews about the value of the event and compare it to other events she could attend that offered the same instruction. The event’s schedule was important to her because she needed to make those flight reservations. And testimonials were important because she was aware of other events that could meet her needs. She was a frequent price-shopper, for groceries, gas, and in other parts of her life. It didn’t matter to her that it wasn’t her money she was spending; she wanted to be sure her employer was getting the most value for the company’s money. Did another event offer a lower-priced ticket and a lower lodging expense?


Lucky for us, the way we had presented the conference on our site meant we were high up in Google’s search results, and Alice clicked our link for the event. And while she was visiting, she searched for other events in that event category. Not all events had reviews, though, and it was important to her to only commit to a conference that had positive feedback.


She Made Her Decision Because of Reviews





Alice did finally register for the same event that had emailed her in the first place, but she was more confident in her decision to attend after speaking with us and after reviewing her other options. The Convention Nation community had left great reviews for the event, and she promised she’d be back to leave a review for the conference, and she wanted to sign up for our attendee membership so she could be informed of event opportunities without having to spend time doing it on her own. She liked that she could save time by letting us do the search for her.


A Lesson For Planners


Alice’s outreach isn’t a unique occurrence. In fact, we get hundreds of inquiries every day from attendees all over the world. Some ask about visa invitations, while others simply ask us to search for events for them. We’re frequently asked about the agenda, parking information, and group discounts. We completely understand that planners aren’t website designers, so we’re here to help.


Structuring your content on your event’s website shouldn’t be difficult. Think of it from the perspective of your buyer, and don’t be distracted by others telling you that minimalism or video will win in the end. While they might be right, your website isn’t a useful tool if it’s not providing information that your customers are looking for.


So here’s what we have to offer. If you want a free Event Website audit, Click Here. We’ll rate your event’s website and offer a few suggestions for better event visibility. You can take the information and make changes to your site, or you can ignore our suggestions. But we hope that you'll think about helping your attendees find the information they're looking for easily and clearly.

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