Global Meetings Industry Day: A Celebration of Positive Impact

Apr 11, 2018 12:35:00 PM

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April 12 is Global Meetings Industry Day

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Along with the beginning of Spring showers and following the arrival of the Easter Bunny comes the highly anticipated celebration of the meeting industry's global impact. On April 12, 2018, professionals on nearly every continent will congregate to observe the ways in which the event industry shapes local and global economies.

Dubbed Global Meetings Industry Day, April 12th will acknowledge the contributions of meeting professionals and organizations around the world. It will also solidify the value of meetings and conferences as communities, businesses, professionals, and the general public reaps multiple benefits. Learn why the meetings industry is all abuzz during this special day.

The Importance of Global Meetings Industry Day

If it didn't already have a great name, GMID could also be called Global Meetings Impact Day. It's a time to thank meeting industry professionals, reflect on the positive influence meetings have in local communities, and ponder the importance of conventions for businesses.

In the Numbers: Conferences & Meetings in 2018

More than 250 million people each year attend conferences in the United States alone. According to the collaborative report created by Oxford Economics and the Events Industry Council, the economic impact of meetings in the U.S. amounted to $446 billion of GDP. Conference, meeting, convention, and event trends show a direct spending increase of 23% since 2009.

Impact on Communities

Meetings generate more than $300 million in direct spending annually and support the creation of nearly six billion jobs, which is more than both the manufacturing industry and telecommunications sector. In addition to the economic impact of meetings, community culture benefits as well. By bringing people together who share common interests, events and conferences beckon participants to experience the surrounding amenities and make new friends.

Impact on Businesses

Research shows that businesses benefit from nearly $850 billion in sales as a result of conferences, conventions, and events. Business representatives are given the opportunity to have meaningful face time with internal and external stakeholders. The outcomes can include the acquisition of new partnerships, industry allies, or warm leads ready to interact further with brands. By showcasing its competitive edge at a conference or trade show, businesses can set themselves apart from the pack and make a positive, lasting impression on participants.

Impact on Employees

From trade shows and conventions to corporate meetings of the mind, the meetings industry positively impacts employees as they engage with other professionals, promote innovation, and foster brand recognition. The simple act of networking within an industry-specific event can lead to the creation of valuable business partnerships.

Worldwide Impact

As the business case for conferences and events is fortified with data, the global impact of meetings is being realized. Like the United States, countries around the world leverage conferences and events to boost business sales, support the local economy, and encourage employees' professional development.

GMID Says THANK YOU to Meeting Industry Professionals

It takes a lot to plan and organize events and, considering the impact on everyone from business owners to the general public, meeting industry professionals deserve kudos. In addition to expanding awareness about conferences and their importance, Global Meetings Industry Day is a celebration of the hard-working, dedicated individuals who devote their professional lives to the betterment of communities, businesses, and the general public.

How Will You Celebrate GMID?

Break out your party hats and streamers, it's nearly time for the meeting industry's annual celebratory pow-wow. Participate in the meeting movement by attending a local conference or convention near you. Join professionals across the globe in the festivities on social media as they embody this year's theme: "Real Results, Real Impact, All Around the World." Participate in the conversation, take photos of your own event, and use #GMID18 to show your support.

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