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If you are looking forward to a spring or summer wedding, it's important to make the most of January and its round-up of bridal shows. January's shows will acquaint you with upcoming spring and summer trends along with essential tips to make your 2017 wedding the breathtaking event you're dreaming of. By attending events near you, you'll be able to plan the wedding of your dreams.

As soon as you head into the new year, pull out your calendar or planner to list some shows available in your vicinity. To locate January bridal shows, you can visit Convention Nation, an important online resource that provides listings for conventions, trade shows, and, of course, bridal events throughout the country. After visiting the site, you'll be able to fill in your planner with all the bridal shows you want to attend. These shows provide a wealth of tips and also provide you with the opportunity to meet with area vendors who you may wish to tap to be part of your big day. Whether you're scouting for a great outdoor photographer or the best artisan wedding cake you've ever tasted, the shows will put you in contact with a wide array of wedding industry professionals.

Here are some hints of what you'll see at these events:

1. Pop of Color




Certainly an all-white wedding remains the tradition, but expect to see lots of color-wonderful trends this spring and summer. Brides will be decking themselves out with colored gowns and accessories. Naturally, any color choice is up to the bride, but the bridal shows will acquaint attendees with some trend-right colors that are expected to be big during the upcoming bridal season.


2. Versatile Gowns


see this "Strapless Lace Wedding Dress with Removable Train" @ David's bridal online

Budget-savvy brides who want to wear a princess-worthy gown for their wedding ceremony and a sleek, sophisticated dress for their reception are opting for versatile gowns that do double duty rather than purchasing two separate dresses. Many brides will be wearing gowns that boast removable skirts. These dresses feature delightfully transformative effects that provide brides with the versatile looks they crave.


3. Popular Themes


For decades, couples have chosen to plan their wedding around a specific theme, but popular themes change with every new year. In 2017, couples can expect to see a new slate of popular wedding themes, and the wedding conventions are likely to provide ideas associated with these themes. When planning a thematic wedding, consider ideas like a boho-inspired wedding, a vintage wedding, a barn wedding, or a nautical wedding, as pictured above.


4. Perfect Pairs



As you contemplate food and drink for your wedding reception, consider that special pairings are likely to be popular in 2017. Just as a wine tasting event pairs great vintages with cheese, you might offer your guests perfectly matched food and drink like pink champagne and cake, local craft beer and mini slider appetizers, or margaritas and firecracker shrimp skewers.



More Tips for 2017 Brides

While planning your 2017 spring or summer wedding, be sure to keep some important tips in mind. These ideas can help you create successful event that meets your high expectations and promise your guests a fabulous time.


When you attend bridal shows in January, you're likely to meet with various wedding coordinators. If you can afford to hire one at least in some capacity, you'll definitely appreciate the professional touch they bring to the event. However, even if you choose not to hire a coordinator or planner, it's important to delegate some responsibilities to trusted family or friends so that you can enjoy your day. For instance, ask one of your bridesmaids to be responsible for handing checks to your photographer, band, etc…

Get an App(s)

During your wedding and reception, it's important to ditch your smartphone so you can be fully present and engaged at your event; however, before the big day, you can rely on that baby like never before. There are a myriad of apps available for couples who are planning their wedding. You'll find apps that help you keep track of vendors, apps that help you shop for wedding supplies, and even apps that can help brides narrow down a dress selection. Smart brides will start with Wayfair, enlist the help of LadyMarry, and pull it all together inside a mobile and desktop solution using Joy.

Speaking of Joy...

There comes a point for many brides where the weight of the responsibility for planning their event becomes overwhelming. Hey, it can be stressful to choose the perfect dress, the perfect cake, and the perfect invitations. Rather than focusing on what's perfect, just try to enjoy all the choices at your disposal. No matter what items you choose, they will ultimately support your perfect love, your perfect day. Just go with your heart and you'll be able to enjoy this exciting time in your life.

Remember to kick off your wedding plans by visiting Convention Nation so you can find some wedding conventions and trade shows occurring near you in January. Now is the time to set your plans in motion so you won't be pressed for time as the spring and summer wedding season fast approaches.



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