Eight Great Reasons To Attend Collision 2016

Apr 26, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Kim Estep


Convention Nation is on site at Collision 2016 in New Orleans, and we'll be tweeting, mingling with speakers, and reviewing all of the exciting happenings at this year's tech startup conference. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @ConventioNation for the latest Collision 2016 updates.

In addition to the two amazing speakers we profiled in our post last week, we'd like to highlight our top 8 reasons to attend Collision 2016. Use this as your guide for what to see and do (and where to find us) while attending Collision in New Orleans this week!


Eight Great reasons to attend Collision 2016


1.  Collision 2016 is in New Orleans during Jazz Festival. We realize that we should probably put something about the actual conference itself as number 1...but...to be honest, we're pretty excited about Jazz Festival. There's really nothing like the experience of cruising down Burboun Street and listening to live music at every turn.

2.  Collision is the place to be if you're a tech startup. It is "the fastest growing tech conference." Collision provides great exposure to colleagues, investors and media. There are startup workshops, roundtables, Startup University, investor and mentor hours - all the resources you need to take the next step forward with your startup business or idea.

3.  With 10,000+ Attendees at Collision 2016, the odds of meeting like-minded entreprenuers are in your favor. Collision makes it even easier to find these birds of a feather with their categorized content stages, which include Breakthrough, Builders, Enterprise, Marketing, Music, Sport and Startup University. We'll be spending time at Startup U and Marketing the most, but look for us at the main stage too.

4.  The networking opportunities at Collision are approaching SXSW in their "coolness" factor. We're so psyched to be part of the organized Pub Crawl on the first night of Collision. We know we'll be taken through the hottest watering holes in New Orleans. There are also Night Summits, which are hosted networking events around town. You can download the Night Summit Map for details. These adventures are great fun, and casual networking opportunities provide a low pressure way to talk about your startup business.

Casual networking opportunities provide a low pressure way to talk about your startup business.



5.  With 14 education tracks at Collision, there is a lot to learn. Whether it be code, content, IoT or music, there's something for everyone to learn at Collision 2016. Fortunately, the schedule is easily found on the conference app, which is an awesome way to schedule your time at the event. Since these tracks cross all the content stages listed above and dive into detail about a variety of topics, it's best if participants download the app ahead of time and get their schedule in order before their arrival. You don't want to miss out on hearing from your favorite speakers.
Download the #CollisionConf app ahead of time to use at the conference.

6.  As we mentioned in our post last week, there are some pretty legit speakers at Collision 2016. This line-up of heavy hitters ranges from startup success stories like Cal Henderson, the co-founder of Slack (an app which has changed our lives here at Convention Nation), Alex Chung, Founder & CEO of Giphy (which, in combination with Slack, has led to more office unproductivity than we'd care to admit...) to Rick Hamann, Chief Creative Officer of The Onion (a personal favorite for breaking news intel).

The wide variety of knowledge and inspiration these speakers bring from all corners of business and entertainment is certain to keep the conference full of life and exploding with ideas. Just make sure not to overdo your late night "networking" on Bourbon Street so that you are fresh and ready to absorb the information these speakers have to offer during the day!

Many sessions are only about 15 minutes, so we're interested to see how long the lines are for sessions by very popular speakers such as Rand Fishkin and Julia Hartz.

7.  Women in Tech is a featured initiative for Collision 2016. Organizers have committed to inviting 10,000 female entrepreneurs as guests in 2016 in an effort to even the gender ratio at their events. Female participation in the tech industry continues to be a significant issue.

The initiative seeks to address this reality by inviting cutting edge female speakers and entreprenuers to inspire more women to participate in the tech industry. We'll be looking to connect with these awesome women to learn why they chose to speak and present at Collision.

Women in Tech features cutting edge female speakers at #CollisionConf!



8.  Collision 2016 has a concierge service for investors. Collision organizers have a big line-up of investors attending this conference, and they are dedicated toward enabling connections for all involved. The concierge works with each investor to navigate through the event and make the most of their time. They pair investors with startups and work as a matchmaker to create a highly productive and rewarding investor experience at Collision. 


We're looking forward to making new connections and learning why participants chose to attend Collision 2016. Since we'll be attending the conference during the day and having adventures on Bourbon Street at night, so be sure to follow us on Twitter @ConventioNation to keep up with our shenanigans and meet us in person! We'll easily be found in our royal blue t-shirts. Come introduce yourself! 

Then, come back to ConventionNation.com after Collision 2016 to write a review and tell us what you thought of the experience! We will!

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