CN's Best and Worst of Collision 2016 Tech Conference

May 3, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Kim Estep


We're back from Collision 2016 in New Orleans and still on the road to recovery from such a great time at this year's tech conference. In the days since our return, we've been rehashing our experience and talking about the best and worst of Collision 2016. We had fun on Bourbon Street, heard some wonderful speakers, and met many new friends at Collision 2016.

As our name suggests, we at Convention Nation attend A LOT of conventions, conferences, events and meetings throughout the year. We are active participants in the meeting planning industry and love to see a job well-done at by the organizers at the events we attend. We also like to provide constructive feedback for less-than ideal situations that can help organizers improve upon their future events.

With this as our guide, we're launching Twitter hashtags for our likes (#CNwin) and dislikes (#CNfail). We'll be using them in the future in an effort to give the Convention Nation the best reviews and feedback possible from our perspective. Here are the best and the worst from Collision 2016:


#CNwin List From Collision Conference 2016:


1. Acknowledgement of the need for ‪#‎diversity‬ in startups, on boards, and via VC.


2. New Orleans food


Convention Nation's Burke Gibney enjoying New Orleans' amazing food!

3. 630 Incredible startup companies

4. Chris Sacca and his cowboy shirt


Chris Saca and Harper Reed at Collision's Startup University Stage


5. Julia Hartz speaking as a newly-minted CEO of her company, Eventbrite

6. The CollisionConf staff. What a great group of pros!


7. 15 minute talks. No BS, and left us wanting more!


Steve Blank and Sean Ellis talk at Collision 2016

8. After hours parties...need I say more?

9. Networking

10. Jazz Fest!

11. Ringing the Nasdaq closing bell

12. Pitch contest winner Rorus Inc.





1. Jon Fortt's interview with Intuit's Brad Smith. Pretty harsh!

2. Shortage of seating at the large stages



 3. Slow WiFi for Conference attendees



 4. That Bourbon Street smell...


5. Conference app schedule couldn't be shared with colleagues



6. Tiny space for exhibitors in the Alpha section

7. Bourbon Street amnesia

8. Too much time until next year's US show!

If you attended Collision 2016, go to and write a review to tell us what your conference wins and fails were!


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