CN Preview: Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Oct 11, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Burke Gibney


The Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference 2016 kicks off in Houston, TX next week at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This conference is extremely important for the tech industry as it specifically addresses the underrepresentation of women in tech.

Many assume that you have to be in Silicon Valley to be active in the tech scene. However, the organizers of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing strategically plan this event for Houston because of the enormous representation of Fortune 500 companies in and around the area, and because it facilitates the inclusion of women in the middle of the United States to the tech scene.

The conference addresses the underrepresentation of women in tech in two ways: 1) Showcasing the wide variety of careers available to women in technical positions, and 2) Bringing employers and recruiters from the tech industry together with women looking for a position in tech.

If you are thinking about switching careers, just graduating from college, or looking for a new and exciting position in technology, this is a fabulous conference for Women in tech.

“Step aside Silicon Valley, #GHC16 is taking over Houston in October as the hottest place in tech.”


1. Complimentary Childcare

The free and fun Kids Camp will enable you to take the time needed to fully emerge yourself while in session at the conference. Children are not allowed at the conference, but free childcare is available onsite daily for those who wish to bring their kids. Register in advance for as many children as you wish to attend and remove the stress of planning childcare and rushing kids around before and after the event.

2. The Exhibitor Line-Up

The list of companies attending the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is robust. Some of the most sought-after tech companies to work at will be recruiting and speaking at this conference. Here are just a few included on the guest list:

Oracle, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Shopify, American Express, Thumbtack, Accenture, Yelp, Stripe, Slack, Groupon, Zillow, LinkedIn, eBay, and Pinterest.

Not interested in tech job opportunities from any of these online industry leaders? No problem, there’s more…

Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Allstate Insurance, Fitbit, Priceline, Expedia, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, and Square.

We could go on (and on, and on) but you get the picture. Some of the biggest and best tech companies to work at will be exhibiting and recruiting at the Grace Hopper Women in Computing conference. If you are a woman in tech looking for an opportunity with an exciting company, the exhibitor list should more than cover it.

3. Women Minority Representation in Tech

Not only are women an underrepresented group in tech, but minority women are an important piece to this puzzle as well. The Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference has several opportunities for minority women in tech to connect and collaborate. There are receptions for a variety of different minority ethnic groups as well as an LGBTQ-A lunch.

The intention of these interactions is to create a support system for minority women in tech to learn and gain strength from other’s experiences. These women are often the sole representative of their minority group within their position or organization and rely on collaboration at these receptions to be a part of a larger movement.

4. Students Looking For a Career in Tech

The Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference has an agenda just for students. There are sessions and workshops for both graduate and undergraduate students where they can explore their interests in technical positions. There is also a career fair and expo, where students can hand out their resume and participate in on-site interviews.

This conference is an incredible opportunity for students to learn more about a career in the tech industry. They can also talk to the recruiting decision makers in the top tech companies to find out the steps they need to take to get hired.

5. New Product Announcements

The main goal of the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference is to gain targeted knowledge about careers, technology, and best practices in computer science from women in these roles. This is the meat of the agenda at the three-day convention and it is done in a thoughtful, useful, organized fashion.

However, we couldn't help but note a cool highlight on the agenda that we’re excited about: New Technical Product Announcements. On Wednesday, the women who developed new technologies from Twilio, Capital One, Mathworks, and eBay will reveal their products for the first time. Attendees will learn about these new technologies and get intimate details from the incredible women in tech who created them. This is certain to inspire you and get your technical juices flowing!

Grace Hopper Women in Computing describes their conference best when they say, “GHC is a conference for women technologists, by women technologists.” Simply put, this is a fabulous conference for women in tech, and a necessary event for the tech industry overall as they have struggled to close the gender gap. It is also a win for Houston in supporting the bridge for this important initiative.

Are you going to the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference in Houston? Tell us what you are looking forward to most in the comments below! Come back after the event to write a review on so that others know what to expect next year!

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