Clever Packing Tips for Business Travel

Jun 2, 2017 3:17:46 PM

Shari Melillo


Traveling can be quite fun but the tough part is figuring out how to pack everything you want without having to pay for an extra bag at the gate. Here are some of the most clever tips that we came up with to share with our fellow travelers!

Best Ways to Pack

1. Roll, don't fold. Rolling your pants and shirts tightly gives you more room and keeps them from wrinkling.

2. Stuff your shoes. Forget shoehorns. Use your undergarments and socks as stuffing to keep your shoes in shape and save room.

3. Digitize everything. Take no documents. Scan them into your USB drive and print them out when you get there.

Best Suitcases to Use

Always use the European standard. Europe allows a smaller suitcase onboard than the United States. If you are traveling internationally, following the European standard will ensure you can carry your bags on anywhere. Samsonite and Kenneth Cole are two brands who have taken this standard to heart. If you are taking odd shaped items like umbrellas or curling irons, the Burton Kilo is a great choice for its flexibility.

Unique Packing Tricks for Business Trips

1. Place plastic wrap under the lids of your toiletries to keep them from leaking. Alternatively, you can also use empty prescription bottles with childproof caps. 

2. Protect your shaving razor blades with an oversized binder clip. Simply open the top of the clip over the top of the razor.

3. As mentioned above with shoes, stuff your hats with shirts, socks and undergarments to help them keep their shapes and save room.

4. Keep all of your small necessities (headphones, earrings, etc.) in an empty sunglasses case. You can carry these in a pocket if you need more room in the suitcase.

5. Keep your money in an empty chapstick bottle.

6. To maximize the space in your suitcase, pack light clothes near the top and the heavier items, like shoes, near the wheels.

7. Pack an empty pillowcase to hold all of your dirty laundry on the trip back.

When you are done packing; don't forget to enjoy the trip and safe travels!

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