Apps World 2016: What Digital Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Apps

May 10, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Kim Estep



Apps World North America 2016 kicks off this week in Santa Clara at the Santa Clara Convention Center! Apps World is a conference and trade show where leading developers, brands, and industry professionals from all aspects of the app world come together as pioneers for multi-platform apps. Apps World 2016 is growing into a very influential conference for many marketing professionals each year. Here’s why:

According to a study by Nielsen, “Android and iPhone users age 18 and over spend 65 percent more time each month using apps than they did just two years ago.” Even users aged 55+, who comprise the smallest smartphone-using demographic, spend more than 21 hours across an average of 22 different apps per month. These numbers show that it is critical that digital marketers have a well-defined mobile strategy for their clients.

“It is critical that digital marketers have a well-defined mobile strategy for their clients.”




 In response to this, Apps World 2016 has dedicated an entire track to Mobile Strategy and Marketing. This track is beneficial because it provides a roadmap of the crucial issues that digital marketers need to address in order to navigate the mobile app space successfully. Here are some of the Mobile Strategy and Marketing sessions we think will have the biggest impact on mobile app strategies for marketers:


What Digital Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Apps:

  • Drive a Mobile-Centric Mentality Across the Organization

Anthony Tsai, Global Director of Mobility Architecture from Anheuser-Busch InBev, will be speaking about how users are leapfrogging desktops and going straight to smartphones and tablets as their dominant path to internet access. Thus, companies need to focus their marketing efforts on their mobile presence first, not as an afterthought.

He raises the question of whether consumer marketing is trending toward leaving websites entirely and going straight to mobile.

“Is it time to leave websites behind altogether and just go mobile? #appsworld” 




  • Mobile Engagement: Crisis or Opportunity?

This session, led by Joshua Todd, CMO of Localytics, will discuss how mobile has transformed the world for both consumers and businesses. Many brands are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of consumers. The expectation of immediate, relevant, trustworthy content leaves marketers with a lack of mobile engagement when they fail to produce this experience for their consumers.

People are more likely to use an app when it serves a specific purpose or simplifies their lives. According to an article by, one out of every two app users employs an app to find information about a business or product or to make a purchase. This demonstrates the consumer expectation for immediate, accurate information to confirm their decision.

The opportunity to gain consumer loyalty comes through the ability to fulfill this need. If it is not fulfilled, the opportunity is instantly lost to a competitor. This session will discuss where the marketing industry has fallen short and the steps they can take to repair this relationship with their consumers.

“Marketers need to know how to deliver on the consumer expectation of immediate, relevant, trustworthy content.”




  • Driving Mobile Engagement: How to Become Your Customer's Best Friend

This panel discussion covers the importance of mobile apps in enabling a more direct connection between brands and consumers. Mobile apps allow for a personalized experience beyond what websites provide.

One clear example in the events industry is schedule planning apps for conferences and conventions. Users map out their sessions on the app beforehand, and then engage with it over and over as they navigate through the event. This continuous, on-site interaction provides a level of personalization that a website cannot.

Marketers also have to adapt to a shift where consumers are increasingly moving toward an impulse and last-minute purchase frame of mind. Mobile apps need to be accessible to consumers wherever the impulse to buy hits them to capture the sale.

“Mobile apps need to be accessible to consumers wherever the impulse to buy hits.”




  • Wearables, Data Collection, and Privacy

Data collection and privacy are hot topics in the world of technology. The mobile app space has not been around long enough for there to be a best practice for every scenario. However, there are definite use cases evolving for ethics behind creating and developing applications and wearable devices that collect and use sensitive content.

Apps collect and use personally identifiable information to produce the custom, instant experiences we’ve touched on above. Because consumers crave this personal interaction, they are willing to provide more information about themselves than ever. There is an implied trust from the user to the app provider that the provider will secure this data and use it responsibly.

“Users trust app providers to secure their data and use it responsibly.”




This session will cover the best practices and how to protect privacy that marketers should be aware of.

As the landscape for mobile apps in the digital marketing space changes, it is important to stay on top of trends and technology to keep up with both consumers and competitors. Apps World North America 2016 will provide useful information to help accomplish this! Visit after the conference and let us know what you thought about Apps World 2016 by writing a review!

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