Advantages of Using a Travel Group for your Next Conference

Mar 15, 2017 10:38:11 AM

Shari Melillo

Advantages of Using a Travel Group for your Next Conference

You have things to worry about outside of travel logistics. However, logistics tend to take up the most time. Save yourself the hassle with a travel group for your next conference. Here are just a few of the advantages!

Faster Logistics

Logistics experts with inside connections to transportation and accommodations will be able to set up your conference much faster than you can. With a full team of experts and computers on the job instead of just a few volunteers, you also save yourself the problem of human error as well!

Lower Cost

Even if you do not factor in the economic cost of your time, using a travel group for your next conference will save you hard money over in house logistics as well. Not only will a group get better rates for you, but they will also alleviate the cost of tying up your personal resources to set things up.

Higher Morale

Do you want to spend time getting to know the members of your conference and making sure they have a good time, or do you want to spend time arguing with airline and hotel salespeople? The more time that you spend with the people you are serving, the higher their morale will be. Yours will be higher as well, because you willl be able to focus on the creative aspects of conferencing rather than the boring day to day stuff.

The Details

Often, travel groups will be able to fill in the holes that you might forget - getting a high speed Internet connection at your location, making sure the pool at the hotel is open for a midday break, etc. These details take too long for an individual to set up, but a travel group is used to asking for the hidden perks. 


A great group to use that Convention Nation prefers is: The Air Travel Group. They ensure that air travel is simplified and not costly. They book airfare with all the world's major carriers and can accomodate any prefereneces you may have.  The Air Travel Group is the expert in business, group, and team travel buying 10+ tickets. For more info and your CN discount:

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