3 Ways Online Event Marketing Benefits Attendees

Apr 12, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Burke Gibney



Online marketing channels such as email, social media and websites have a huge ROI. They are an extremely efficient way to reach out from the comfort of your desk and make multiple connections with your audience each day. They are inexpensive, quick, trackable and scalable.

However, these virtual connections are missing one proven ingredient to successful business communication - personal connection.

The combination of technology to drive event marketing and planning with in person meetings and events creates a synergy that cannot be matched. It stokes the passion of the attendees for their industry and drives them to attend events year after year.

In honor of Global Meetings Industry Day, a campaign very near to our heart here at Convention Nation, we'd like to dedicate this post to the powerful reaction that occurs when you combine technology and in person meetings!

A powerful reaction occurs when you combine technology and in person meetings! #GMID16



3 ways TECHNOLOGY and in person meetings benefit attendees:

1) Provides a Great Travel Experience to Attendees:

An Oxford Economics report highlights the meeting industry’s value to businesses, finding that companies that invested more in business travel during the economic downturn grew the fastest.

Businesses can leverage online event marketing and in person meetings by providing attendees with resources to plan their trip, book airfare, get travel discounts, book hotel rooms, schedule meetings and arrange transportation around the event. The synergy of the two work together to provide the best possible travel experience to the attendee at their in person event.

Online event planning helps attendees plan the best travel experience for their event. #GMID16 



2) Facilitates Education and Innovation:

Meetings, conventions and conferences can be a very efficient way to learn new information about your industry. They are often the catalyst that brings industry thought leaders and subject matter experts together to share ideas. They are also one of the few times the majority of the like-minded people and products are available to attendees in one place.

Online event planning technology is a powerful tool to share what your attendees are likely to learn at your event. Share speaker bios and session topics on social media. Blog about your upcoming event and highlight new products or technology that will be discussed.

This type of background information prepares your attendees so that they can make the most of their time at the event. They may have particular subjects that interest them or want to research topics online beforehand so that they are prepared to discuss agenda topics.

When the online information combines with the in person experience, attendees are more likely to engage with questions, demo products, and get the information they came for out of the event. This leaves them feeling more satisfied from the experience and more likely to attend next year!


3) Drives Global Economic Growth and Jobs:

The meetings industry contributes more to the U.S. national GDP than the air transportation, motion picture, sound recording, performing arts and spectator sport industries (Source: Meetings Mean Business). The synergy that event marketing technology and in person meetings has created is a global economic driver.

Think of the global meetings industry as a bunch of balls floating around in the air. Technology uses the energy from these balls to move them around to plan, interact, coordinate and move business forward. The in person meetings are the wind that pushes these balls up to hold them in the air.

When we stop meeting in person, the wind stops and the balls drop. The technology alone isn’t enough to keep them moving once they hit the ground. There is a cyclical benefit that both online marketing and in person events reap. Marketing technology fills events with more people who have a great in person experience, who then use technology to promote and fill future events with more people. Each one needs the other to continue the cycle.

When we stop meeting in person, we stop the engine of a major global economic provider.

When we stop meeting in person, we stop the engine of a major global economic provider. #GMID16



Continued Passion For In Person Meetings

The value of in person meetings and making meaningful connections with business partners is the core of why we started ConventionNation.com. We are passionate about using technology as the catalyst for in person events and believe it is likely to create a remarkable reaction for the future of business, connecting more people than ever.

We are passionate about using technology to promote in person meetings and events! #GMID16



Read more about our story at the Our Vision page on our website. We are champions of the events industry and see the potential in this magical formula of technology and in person meetings!

If you would like to read more about Global Meetings Industry Day and Meetings Mean Business, check them out here!


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